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Addie Eykelbosh

Hi! I’m Addie. I am the CEO and Founder of Pink Frog Marketing Solutions. I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, emphasizing in Strategic Communications. I worked two jobs through college, even though I was fortunate that my parents did the pre-paid program. I was always determined to be independent.

After college, I did not go the standard ‘join a marketing agency’ or ‘intern for a company,’ I was already ahead in my career by my sophomore year of college. I went from working in a warehouse where I practiced calligraphy to a camera operator and video specialist for the beautiful Peppermill Resort Spa and Casino a year later. Video changed my entire way of looking at the world.

Within the 5 years of being a camera operator and video specialist, my life got rather exciting. I ended up filming magicians, bodybuilding contests, jugglers, comedians, Rascall Flatts, Lynard Skynrd, The Band Perry, Governor Sandovals annual dinner speeches. And my footage was live on screen. I had to be good or else thousands of people would see my mistakes. During that time, I became the Digital Media Coordinator for Edge Nightclub inside the Peppermill. I taught bartenders, cocktails servers, and bussers how to do social media marketing. And maybe you are wondering, how do you know social media marketing, let alone teach it if you have not worked for an agency? Well, I also did organic social media marketing on the sideā€¦ (this is where Pink Frog was born) I partnered with two marketing agencies, Mavericks Marketing and Lau Marketing. They were my ultimate mentors. I attended seminars and I used my accounts to practice A B testing. I studied algorithms and how to effectively indirect market to consumers.

I started as a content specialist. People make decisions on how they feel. Believe it or not, even the colors in your photos make people feel something to where they want to click, comment, share and even buy. Every platform has its unique algorithm, the amount of text you use, knowing whether or not to use a hashtag. Every little detail matters on how effective your accounts are. And every industry on social media has its strengths and weaknesses. Your followers are all different. I was taught people act differently in groups versus individually that can also apply to a brand’s virtual presence. When people feel important and special, they are going to invest their time in your business. But if they are just one of the thousands of followers, they will get lost in the clutter and you will lose that potential sale.

Social Media Marketing and Brand Management is the modern way to build and strengthen relationships. In my off time, I research data and psychology on how to communicate effectively and efficiently to get people engaged in content and conversation. I ask questions of; why did people click? Why do they answer the sales call? Why are they sharing this content? I do my research with the followers I am working with. I also find proven studies with businesses that have cracked a lot of these codes. Someone out there in your industry has figured it out. We just need to find out who and how we can crack your specific code.

Technology is only moving forward. The media is only getting bigger. And it’s not too late to jump on board this fast-moving train. My team and I will be genuinely dedicated to your brand and bringing your online presence to a whole new level.

I hope we work together soon, thanks for reading.

-Addie Eykelbosh CEO and Founder of Pink Frog Marketing Solutions.

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